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We are a group of high school students from  Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus León. We now NASA has been working in a sustainable base on Mars for the location and extraction of minerals present in that planet. As part of an interdisciplinary project we are developing the design of a functional medical model for the Martian colonists.

Why Mars?

Check some of our pages on our previous project about the Mission on Mars


There’s an ongoing battle here on Earth raging in the medical community between Eastern medicine vs. Western medicine. The great debate between these two very different health care practices both have very valid points on each side of the aisle. Our mission is to study, compare and analyze each system and finally decide whether we’re using the modern Occidental medicine or the traditional Western medicine (or why not, a fusion of both!) to develop an ultimate health system that has never existed, based on the current needs of the human being, physical and mental, psychological and spiritual.

Also we’re compiling the best techniques and therapies of the different health systems around the world. This new medical system would be the one we see the most fit for a base on Mars.

Sharon Andrea Parra Macías

17 years old

Student at ITESM’s Multicultural high school

Sharon Parra

Sharon Parra

Hello, my name is Sharon! I study second semester of high school at ITESM, Campus León. I love going to the disco, I love electronic music and I am a lover of Guanajuato. My dream is to go one day to the electronic music festival “Tomorrowland” in Belgium. For the last two semesters we had two interdisciplinary projects that made us grow a lot, or so the teachers always told us, but we didn’t realize how much we have grown until we look back to all that we did and realized we’d changed, even if just slightly. On the science approach we learned about our health, the meaning of health, and what we need to stay healthy. On the other side, using all the concepts of critical thinking, we became aware of methods and ways of how we can analyze, select and reason information, the difference betweenbeliefs and knowledge, fallacies that surround us, etc. Personally, during this semester I discovered that I have predisposition to many diseases I didn’t know such as diabetes and cancer. I learned that my habits and my lifestyle since now will determine my health during my adulthood. I discovered also, many alternative therapies that are super effective and present an excellent way of healing. I was very skeptical but after all what I’ve learned I am willing to try many of these therapies.  Have a great time reading our page. Leave any comment and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions, we’ll be glad to answer you.

Alejandro Hernández

16 years old

Student at ITESM’s Multicultural high school



Hi, I’m Alex! I think that after all the research I have done , I have a lot more respect towards alternative medicine , before I was 100% convinced with the Western Medical System , but now I know its flaws. I would be willing to try some kind of alternative medicine the next time I get sick. As I mentioned in class I was very skeptical about the whole alternative medicine system ,but after seeing its techniques one by one and reading testimonials that they actually work , I consider myself more convinced about its credibility.

María Fernanda López Romero

16 years old

Student at ITESM’s Multicultural high school

Hello! I´m Marifer, and I´m an student of the Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus León on the section of Multicultural. My hobbies are reading, hearing music and hang out with my friends. During this school year we have been working on an interdisciplinary proyect. At the beginning the idea on planning a trip to mars was crazy for me, but anyway we decided to continue. At the time we progress I´d learn to improve my skill, learn more and I discovered that I can do all I want. Also I learn more about all the thing that are needed for survive on any living thing, how to be responsible, about my family tree and the diseases they brought, about what it´s health and how to keep it. About the new therapies and medicine. It´s hard to resume all I have learn during this year, but it had been a lot. It have been amazing to work on this page, I had the opportunity to work with new people and learn more interesting things. I hope all this information will help you, thanks for reading this page.

Mafer Lopez



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