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Interview with Miguel Angel Díaz de León Piña, biomagnetic therapist. León, Gto. April,2013.

By Sharon Parra

What is Biomagnetism?images

It is a therapeutic system created by the surgeon Dr.Isaac Goiz Durán, who has been over 22 years treating patients with amazing results.

The Biomagnetism allows us to understand the disease from an energy standpoint, vibrational … or chemical, or clinician.

What is behind this discipline?

It is based on the theory of Biomagnetic Pairs: all living things depend on a balanced PH. Both, extreme acidity and alkalinity,in our blood, tissues and organs cause various diseases.

Dr. Isaac Goiz found out that in our body there are housed viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi in symbiosis and in some specific points and organs, always the same, and that each of them are responsible for the same conditions.

He discovered, classified all these points and found resonance among those who make them. He analyzed how this altered the association of pairs of organs, causing all malfunctions and causing many diseases.

In other words, each disease has its corresponding pair and its microbes. Verified that the “positive” acid environment accumulates viruses and fungi while at the pole “negative” alkaline environment are bacteria and parasites. The association of pairs of organs cause all malfunctions and cause many diseases.biomagnetico

The correction is achieved by placing the magnets into place. This creates a magnetic current that drives the charges to neutralize each other, this regulates and neutralizes the PH. Pathogens cannot develop under these conditions. It destroys them and restores health.

 What is Biomagnetism session?

 The patient should be lying on a stretcher, and comfortable clothing. Therapists, we start by “localizing” the germs in the body of the patient through a “muscle testing” through the feet, using a protocol that allows to map the entire body from the pineal gland to toe.

Therapists had taken their feet to join them and measure the height of these. Then, after a minute of concentration that prompts the body-mentally or verbally-if you can work with it, we therapists foot tapping against another and naming on different parts of the human anatomy that are in the protocol: “… Parietal Pituitary Pineal … left and right …”. Until the muscular response body, instinctively right leg shortening. When this happens, it means that the area became infected and we start to act on it by placing two magnets on the body sites directed. The session duration is approximately one hour.

 How many sessions are required?

If any germ is found in the patient, 2 to 3 sessions will be required, one every eight days, time that the patient will be asked to drink extra fluids. In case of chronic diseases is recommended to continue with a monthly session.

The frequency of sessions and duration of biomagnetic therapy, will depend on various factors such as the severity of the condition and its progress, its age, structural damage already present, the patient’s age, the total toxic load derived drugs, its microbial metabolic wastes and contaminated food, emotional state congruent with their immune status, your subconscious predisposition or resistance to heal, etc.biomagnetismo4

 Hilu 2la foto (15)

Does any medications or medicine are used to treat diseases?

No, no medication is prescribed, not even an aspirin for a headache. The magnets are responsible for doing all the work during the session.

What diseases can be cured with this therapy?

The most significant diseases we treat are diabetes, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, abscess, lymph node tuberculosis, ovarian cysts, polyps, fibroids, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and many more …

They have also obtained good results in diseases of the nervous system dependent, stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, lack of libido, etc … and doing quite well at menopause.

 What are the benefits of magnet therapy on allopathic medicine?

First of all, that nothing enters the body. Everything works with magnets only. The patient does not require any medications or ingesting chemicals that might be harmful.

Second, it causes no side effect. This therapy is suitable for everyone, from newborn babies to the oldest person.

The treatment is very economical because each session costs about 300 pesos and are not required medicine or clinical studies. It is very important to remember that it is diagnosed and treatment is applied in the same session.

In addition, the therapy is not painful at all as it simply pairs of magnets placed on the body.

Finally, I think it is very effective because it serves as a method of healing any disease and may also serve as a preventive measure to keep you healthy.

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Certificate of Miguel Ángel Díaz de León

la foto (13)

DILVA Center of Biomagnetism, León, Gto.


Sharon, hope this finds you well.
The Biomagnetism treatments knocked out my prostate cancer (which I was diagnosed with 11 years ago) completely and that has been confirmed by three of my regular medical doctors, (Urologist, Oncologist & General Practitioner) with blood tests. The sensitive indicator is in normal range, there is no metastasis in my body now. The PSA went down inmediately and drastically from 13.7 to 2.4, I had some blood test done between end February and March 2012 ( just after the first 2 treatments) the alkaline phosphates went from 248 to 105. Albumen from 4,2 to 4,8 indicating there is no metastasis, cancerous  cells cannot exist in that environment, over 4,5.
The type II Diabetes that I had for 10 years is in normal range now too and my gout seems fine. Everyting thanks to biomagnetism.

Look forward to seeing you.
Best regards, Marco Antonio Rios.



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