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Leavell and Clark proposed a structured prevention system based on levels of prevention.

—Primary Prevention:
—This refers to the pre-pathogenic stage and before people get sick. Therefore it is preventing disease in the following areas :
  • —General: —Health education and promotion.
  • —Specific : —Education of parents to raise a healthy and harmonious family with values and love . Education of teachers to detect family changes , that could affect the health  of families and communities.
—Secondary Prevention:
—This refers to the clinical stage and is the early detection, diagnosis and immediate treatment of the disease. Permitting early and in some cases complete recuperation of the patient. In this way, reducing the risk of development of permanent disabilites.
—Tertiary Prevention:
—This refers to the measures taken to prevent chronic symptoms of the disease, permanent disabilities and death. This is rehabilitation so that the patient recuperates with minimum disfunction and once again becomes a useful and productive individual.


The flollowing is a real example of Leveall’s and Clarck model:


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