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Martian Medical Model


Martian Medical Model

By Sharon Parra, Alejandro Hernández and Fernanda López

For the basis of our Martian medical system, we have decided that the best option is the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), however, it will be supplemented with some of the modern techniques of Western medicine and some applications of other alternative therapies.


  • It moderates our lifestyle and work on a whole body healing when we use TCM.
  • TCM established its medical model about 2000 years ago.
  • TCM upholds balancing, up righting and it tresses “prevention before diseases rather than treating diseases”.
  • TCM does not rely on detection equipments. However, relies upon inspection, listening and smelling, inquiry and pulse-taking to directly experience and study the human dynamic life information.
  • TCM uses original medications of nature. Most of them are not only without toxicity or side effects.

Words of Professor Pengjian     


In extreme cases allopathic medicine will be applied because in contrast with TCM, Western medicine is able to treat structural trauma and defects, as well as address life-threatening illnesses that require medical or surgical intervention.


For fighting diseases:

  • The best suited to the general needs for astronauts are electromagnetism because the immune system is boosted and the body’s resistance to infection is improved.
  • Biomagnetism is a very complete therapy and we suggest to take it to Mars because of many reasons; it doesn’t requires any equipment or medication, just the natural magnets; it’s effective in the treatment of almost every disease, malfunction, or illness; no side effects.
  • Iridology can be used as a mean of detection and prevention of illness. Even though it cannot detect a specific disease, it can tell an individual if different parts of his body are working properly and advise the patient before physical symptoms appear and the disease develops.

For improving their life:

  • Feng Shui. Although it doesn’t cure diseases, it would generate a much healthier and harmonic environment for the Martian colonists, and would help them eliminate conflicts, reduce pain and loneliness and encourage communication among them which will be very important so they can deal with the isolation and avoid depression.
  • To reduce pain, stress, anxiety and depression in the astronauts’ reflexology, aromatherapy and sound therapy are ideal. These therapies enhance sleep, promote natural healing and relaxation.  They have the advantage that they require little instruments and no medication.
  • Since Energy healing, including Reiki, works purely with the energy of our being and it influences the physical, mental and emotional, as well as the spiritual level, it’s another perfect option to take to Mars to complement the astronauts’ health. Its ability to free patients from limiting thoughts and behaviors and to assist them in discovering their purpose in life will encourage the astronauts to keep going. Accomplish their mission and reach a sense of happiness.

In short, in the medical fields like surgery, diagnosis of organic diseases, first aid, prevention of spreading of epidemic conditions, our system will rely on Western modern medicine, while in the treatment of chronic inflammation, chronic pains, functional and endocrine disorders, viral diseases, hyperplasic and degenerative diseases, senile diseases, and syndromes TCM and alternative therapies will play the key role. 

Prevention will be based on Leavell & Clark’s levels of prevention:

  1. Primary Prevention: This stage comes before getting a disease. It works by promoting health, educating the community about health, and improving environmental conditions and nutritional states.
  2. Secondary Prevention: This stage comes by detecting a disease in its earliest stage. It encourages adequate diagnosis: systematic and radiological; and effective and early treatment: antibiotics, therapy, expectorants, symptomatic, and surgery.
  3. Tertiary Prevention: This stage comes after an illness, when a defect or disability is fixed, stabilized or determined to be irreversible. It looks for the rehabilitation of disabled individuals to restore their health into optimum levels.



  • All astronauts must be previously trained in Earth on all the therapies and medicine in general. All of them must be prepared to give medical attention to their partners anytime.
  • It won’t be necessary to take vaccines to Mars. Astronauts will be rigorously examined and “cleaned” before they leave.
  • Herbs used in TCM, bio-magnets, some musical instruments, and oils for aromatherapy must be taken.
  • A medical station must be settled with the required equipment for an emergency surgery and basic medications.
  • Astronauts will have to live under a regulated lifestyle, with a rigorous diet and a special work-out to keep them healthy and fit.


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