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I think that after all the research I have done , I have a lot more respect towards alternative medicine , before I was 100% convinced with the Western Medical System , but now I know its flaws. I would be willing to try some kind of alternative medicine the next time I get sick. As I mentioned in class I was very skeptical about the whole alternative medicine system ,but after seeing its techniques one by one and reading testimonials that they actually work , I consider myself more convinced about its credibility.

Alejandro Hernandez Martinez.

I had learned a lot about of ayurvedic medicine, some therapies, and the health on Mexico and on the world. It’s nice to be able to learn about all these themes because it makes you a more cultural person.  It’s amazing how in very old ages people was able to discover ways to be healthy and that they were so effective that now a days we still use them.

María Fernanda López Romero.

After analyzing all these graphs  and understanding the global trends I think it’s encouraging to see how the  quality of life has improved and life expectancy has increased in the last decades all around the world. Clearly, the health of individuals depends largely on human factors such as habits, traditions, culture and the society in which they live. I think many global health problems would be solved if sociopolitical issues were resolved in the world. If  the development of all countries were equitable and resources were fairly distributed  throughout the world, popultaions of regions  such as Africa could have a chance to have a better quality of life, education and increase their life expectancy. I believe it’s amazing all the efforts that scientists and doctors are doing to reduce the death rate in the world and that they’ve greatly contributed to improve humanity. However, I think that as well we’re working on reducing the death rate we must pay attention  to control the birth rate to maintain a population balance, if not, we will be moving towards a world of chaos.

Sharon Andrea Parra Macías.



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